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Pictured above in Historical Society photo taken outside the Depot Museum, September 2004:
(L-R) Treasurer Melissa Flewelling, Eric Flewelling, Historian Don Hallenbeck, President Jim Lanzikos, Webweaver Tom Roberts, Clum Spencer, Secretary Tom Brown, and Curator Kathy Palmer. Photo by Thomas Hopkins Photography.

"Retrospection is profitable. A study of the past may lead to improvements in the future."
-- 'Juniper' in Pittsfield's The Advertiser, December 30, 1886.

How this CD is organized : It is expected that the History of Pittsfield on Disk will be accessed with a web browser. Every effort has been made to assure that the pages load correctly into a variety of browsers. To that end they have been tested on Opera, Firefox, IBrowse, and MS Internet Explorer. The photos on this disk may also be viewed in most DVD players.
Historical information is primarily housed in the website section, which is generally a mirror of our online website at www.pittsfieldhistoricalsociety.org. Photos are usually of a lesser quality than those in the photos section of the CD.

The Important Dates list, Loder's Souvenir, Sanger Cook's Pittsfield on the Sebasticook, and Woolen Industry of Pittsfield each have their own section and will provide their specific information.
Historical photos are primarily in one of the Photos sections, where they appear in full resolution, and sometimes an accompanying lower resolution file.

Not all of these photographs are available at the website. However, all of these photographs plus the complete website appear on the History of Pittsfield on Disk, available through the Pittsfield Historical Society for $15.00.
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Notes on terms used here.

  • Photo - High quality image scanned from an actual photograph; or an original digital photograph.
  • Postcard - Slightly less quality image than a photograph, as postcards were printed copies of photographs, sometimes colorized.
  • Newspaper Photo - Grainy, lower quality picture, scanned from the Historical Society's newspaper collection.
  • A few of the files on this disk are in Adobe's Portable Document Format. In order to view those PDF files, you will need to have a PDF reader program (may already be on your computer) such as APDF, XPDF or Adobe Reader. They are all free.

CREDITS: Whom we have to thank for this website…

PHOTOGRAPHS: Brenda Seekins (various photos), Wendy Sewell (various photos), Thomas Hopkins, Ermine Trecartin (1972 Tour of Pittsfield photos), Bud Homstead (photos), Kathie Belanger (gravestone photos), Pam Mitchell (postcards, etc).

SCANNING PHOTOS & DOCUMENTS: Kathy Palmer, Pam Mitchell, and Tom Brown.


    Tom Brown for:
  • scanning The Woolen Mills of Pittsfield and creation of it's Index;
  • scans of A. J. Loder's Souvenir of Pittsfield ME 1907 and creation of it's Table of Contents;
  • text and photo scanning of Sanger Cook's Pittsfield on the Sebasticook, creation of it's first Index, and expanding the Table of Contents;
  • scanning and converting to text several newspaper articles posted here.
  • scanning photographs in the Society's collection.

    Kathy Palmer for:
  • scanning photographs from the Society's collection
  • creating the cemetery listings;
  • getting the website started.

Thomas Hopkins for photos for the 2005 Calendar and of the PHS members in front of Depot Museum.

Don Hallenbeck for compilation of Pittsfield's Important Dates, and general historical information.

Tom Roberts for taking gravestone photos, and the editing and weaving of this website.

This disk is a production of Snakeroot DataGraphics
"In the Interest of Pittsfield."