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1907 Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME
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Pittsfield on the Sebasticook
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Welcome to the
Pittsfield Historical Society's
History of Pittsfield

Pittsfield on the Sebasticook

by Sanger Mills Cook
originally published in 1966
now in eBook form


Table of Contents
List of Illustrations

Frontier Days (Chapter I) (1606-1850) 11-34

Lovel Fairbrother 16

Moses Martin 17-21

First settlers (1800-1825) 21-26

Civic problems 26-28

An act of incorporation: Warsaw 28-34

Awakening (Chapter II) (1850-1880) 35-59

Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad Company 35

The Pittsfield Advertiser (Number 40) 39-41

On the West Side of Main Street 41

Across the railroad , South 42

No street south of the railroad 42

Buildings south of the railroad 43-44

On the Detroit Road 44

Seventy-One buildings 44-45

A solid granite and cement dam 45

Twenty year accomplishments 45 47

The only hall in town 47

Church 47

Doctors 48

Ministers 48

Organizations 48

Closing 49

Maine Central Institute 49 55

Statement of Facts 52-55

Lancey House 55 59

Surging Ahead (Chapter III) (1880-1900) 60-87

Pittsfield Advertiser 60-61

Union Hall 61-64

Sebasticook & Moosehead Railroad 64-65

Pant Town 65-69

Racing 69-76

Waverly Mill 76-79

Pittsfield Water Works 80-82

Robert Dobson Dies 82-83

Powers Hall 83-84

Baptist 30th Anniversary 84-86

Universalist Church Renovated 86

Financial Trouble at MCI 86-87

Complacency (Chapter IV) (1900-1930), 88-116

General 88-91

Public Library 91

Burnham Dam 91-92

Ringwood 92-93

Library Dedicated 93-94

St. Agnes Parish 94-95

Banks Make News 96

Lancey House Fire 97

Bryant Company Fails 97-99

1910-1917 99-102

Dobsons Sell to American Woolen 103

Militia Organized 103-104

MCI Builds Dormitory 104-105

World War I 105-106

100th Anniversary 106-109

Hathorn Park 109-113

Alumni Hall 113-116

Difficult Times (Chapter V)(1930-1940), 117-128

General 117-118

Woolen Mills in trouble 118-119

Pittsfield National Bank Closed 119-120

Airport proposed 120-122

1935-1940 122-124

Town Manager Plan Adopted 124-126

Kiwanis Organized 126-127

Union Hall Damaged by Fire 127-128

Resurgence (Chapter VI) (1940-1960), 129-158

Pittsfield Municipal Airport 129-130

War Activities 130-131

Industrial Activity: Shoe Manufacturing Comes to Pittsfield 131-132

Pittsfield Woolen Yarns Co., Inc. 132-133

Machine Shops 133

Cianchette Buys Lancey House 134

The Advertiser Changes Hands 134-135

Dry Cleaning 135

Riverside Mill 135

Peltoma Acres 136

The Edwards Company 136-141

Changes Downtown 141-143

Education 143

Manson Park School 143-144

Vickery School 144

Maine Central Institute 144-146

Churches 146-150

First Baptist Church 146-147

Universalist Church 147-148

St. Agnes Church 148-149

Church of the Nazarene 149

Calvary Baptist Church 149-150

Special Events 150

Manson Park 151

Swimming Pool 151

The Eisenhower Visit 152-155

Town Affairs 155-156

Headline Personalities 156-158

Obituaries 158

Today (Chapter VII) (1960), 159-175

New Leadership 159

Sebasticook Valley Hospital 160-161

Manufacturing 161-162

Contracting 162

Retail 163

Insurance 163

Changes in The Advertiser 164

The Lancey House 164-166

Schools 166-167

MCI 167-168

Churches 168-169

Racing 169-171

Post Office Dedication 172-173

Alma Mater (song) 175

Appendix 176

Military Records 176

Honor Roll, World War I 177-181

Honor Roll, World War II 181-184

Town Officials, Selectmen 185-187

Town Clerks 187

Treasurers 187-188

Superintendent of Water Works 188

Fire Chiefs 188

Kiwanis Club Presidents 188-189

Population Statistics 189

Sebasticook (poem) 190-191


Pittsfield on the Sebasticook

List of Illustrations

Home of Moses Martin18.a
Moses Martin Marker Donated by DAR18.b
Record of First Town Meeting 19
Memorials - Early Settlers 34
Pittsfield Village - 1860 40.1
Pittsfield Township - 1860 40.2
Pittsfield Village - 1880 40.3
Pittsfield Township - 1880 40.4
Railroad Spur Track to Gravel Pits: 1854 56.1a
Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad: 1854 56.1b
Universalist Church - Circa 1875 56.1c
MCI Founders56.2a
MCI - Circa 1870 56.2b
MCI bell donated by Harry Lancey 187756.3a
MCI Principals56.3b
MCI, Student Body - Circa 1870 56.3c
Grammar School - Site of First Baptist Church 56.4a
Lancey House, - Circa 1880 56.4b
MCI Campus - Circa 1880 56.4c
Great Fire 188164.1a-c
Advertiser, First - Page 1 64.2
Advertiser, First - Page 2 64.3
Advertiser, First - Page 3 64.4
Advertiser, First - Page 4 64.5
C. B. Haskell, Editor 64.6a
Park Street - Mid 80's 64.6b
Mill Pond: Looking South 64.7a
Church, Looking North from64.7b
Sebasticook Old bridge 1875-188564.7c
Main St., West Side - Looking South 64.8a
Main St., West Side - Looking North64.8b
Main St., East Side 64.8c
Middle St. 64.8d
Carriage Shop 1875-1885 (See Picture 120.9)64.8e
McMaster's residence80.1a
Looking East from MCI80.1b
Looking North from MCI80.1c
Looking Northwest from MCI:
Pleasant St - Hartland Avenue80.1d
South Main Street: Looking North 80.2a
Park St. 80.2b
Dr. J. C. Manson's Residence80.2c
Mill Pond: Looking North (1880-1900 80.2d
Union Hall: 1885 80.3a
Main St., East Side: 1876 80.3b
Davis Store - 1885: West Side Main St
(Later - Drug Store) 80.3c
Dexter-Sampson-Libby Lumber Mill -
Looking North - No Standpipe 80.4a
Pittsfield Electric Co. 80.4b
Pioneer Mill, 1880-1900 80.4c
Hunnewell Bridge 80.5a
Conant Pant Factory - Railroad St
(Now Library St)80.5b
Hitching Post (Can be seen near
site of Conant Factory) 80.5c
MCI Baseball Team 1887
(Defeated all Maine Colleges) 80.6a
Cook's Orchestra - 1890 80.6b
Hathorn Homestead (Stock Farm) 80.7
Dedication of Library - 1904 80.8a
Dedication of Library program80.8b
Capt. Parson's Steamer Docked at Waverly - 1903 80.8c
The Pittsfield Advertiser, April 11, 1895 - Page 1 88.1
The Pittsfield Advertiser, April 11, 1895 - Page 2 88.2
The Pittsfield Advertiser, April 11, 1895 - Page 3 88.3
The Pittsfield Advertiser, April 11, 1895 - Page 4 88.4
The Pittsfield Advertiser, Nov. 1,
1906: Lancey House Fire - Page 1 88.5
Lancey House Before the Fire 88.6a
Men Who Fought the Lancey House Fire88.6b
Lancey House in Ruins 88.6c
Lancey House, Five Years After Fire 88.7a
Libby's Drug Store - 1907(In 1960,
Humphrey's Drug) 88.7b
Pittsfield Poultry Farm -
Frank W. Briggs, Owner 1907 88.7c
Pittsfield Electric Co. - 1907 88.8a
Bryant and Company - 1906 88.8b
First Baptist Church - 1907 88.8c
Pastor Olin Tracy88.8d
Church, Universalist - 1907 104.1a
St. Agnes Church104.1b
Methodist Church - 1907 (Manson St.)104.1c
Pittsfield National Bank - 1907 104.2a
Pittsfield National Bank Officers - 1907 104.2b
Main St. - 1907 104.2c
Main Central Railroad Station and
Express Office - 1907 104.3a
Hunter-McMaster Store - Site of
Central Maine Oil Company 104.3b
George H. Hunter and A. P. McMaster104.3c
George H. Hunter104.3d
A. P. McMaster104.3e
Tilton House - Park St. - 1907 104.4a
Lancey Homestead - 1907 104.4b
Dr. E. C. Bryant104.5a
Dr. E. C. Bryant Homestead - 1907104.5b
Home of William McGilvery - 1907 104.5c
Oramel Murray, Postmaster - 1907 104.6a
McMaster residence 1907 - Site of Manson House 104.6b
Residence of Frank W. Briggs - 1907 104.6c
Funeral Procession - 1910 - David “Mart” Parks 104.7a
Main St. Fire - 1911 104.7b
Main St. Fire - 1912 104.7c
MCI - 1910 104.8a
MCI Principals (1910) 104.8b
MCI Boys' Dormitory - 1910 104.8c
Pittsfield Centennial Celebration Program 120.1
Militia - 1911 120.2a
Parade - 1912 120.2b
Patriotic Ceremonies - 1912 120.2c
Ready for Centennial Parade 120.3a
Post Office Moved to New Quarters - 1927
(Charles H. Bussell - Postmaster) 120.3b
Fire Department - 1924120.3c
Haskell Memorial120.4a
Dobson Memorial120.4b
McMaster Memorial120.4c
First National Bank Directors - 1940 120.5a
Col. Morrill's First Flight 120.5b
Millyard - Flood of 1936 120.5c
George M. Parks 1865 - 1934120.6
Union Hall 1930-35 120.7a
Ray H. Badger120.7b
Inez Severance, Town Clerk Since 1931 120.7c
George M. Parks Gymnasium 120.8a
Royal Grover, Supt. Grounds and Buildings,
MCI, During 20's, 30's, 40's 120.8b
Pioneer Mill - 1935 120.9a
Pittsfield Motor Sales - 1935
(See picture of Carriage Shop, 64.8e) 120.9b
Parks Memorial 120.10a
Manson Memorial120.10b
Tuesday Club 1950 120.11
Kiwanis Entertains MCI Students 120.12a
Dr. Webber, Kiwanis First President 120.12b
Kiwanis Minstrels 120.12c
Waverly Mill Converted to Shoes 120.13a
Northeast Shoe Planning Expansion Program 120.13b
Shoe Manufacturing Comes to Pittsfield 120.13c
Peltoma Acres - 1947 120.14a
Senator Smith Studies Plans 120.14b
Peltoma Acres Development Today (1960) 120.14c
Waverly Dam - Airport120.15a
Municipal Airport, Manson Park120.15b
J. R. Cianchette, and his Plane - 1955 120.16a
Dow Air Base - 1952 120.16b
J. R. Cianchette Company Trucks - 1952 120.16c
Edwards: Signing Contracts - 1956 136.1a
Edwards: completed - 1956 136.1b
Edwards: Welcome - 1956 136.1c
Main St.: January 136.2a
Main St.: June 136.2b
Main St.: July 136.2c
MCI Principal Niblock 136.3a
MCI Founders' Hall 136.3b
Airview of MCI Campus 136.3c
MCI Trustees Meeting 1958: Headmaster
Edward Stanley and
Senator Margaret Chase Smith 136.4a
MCI Powell Memorial Library 1959 136.4b
Pittsfield Advertiser: Eisenhower
Visit to Pittsfield, 136.5
Eisenhower Letter 136.6
Fire Department - 1955 136.7a
Nixon Speaks - 1952 136.7b
Pittsfield Band - William Griffin, Leader 136.7c
Herbert Newhouse 136.8a
Newhouse Poultry Farm, Main Poultry
Building - 1958 136.8b
Newhouse Poultry Farm, Fire 1961 136.8c
Edwards Company 152.1a
J. R. Cianchette and Sons, Inc. 152.1b
Bud's Super Market 152.1c
Shorey Funeral Home 152.1d
C. M. Almy and Sons, Inc. 152.1e
Huff Machine Shop 152.2a
Hubbard's Garage 152.2b
Wirthmore Store 152.2c
Pittsfield Woolen Yarns 152.2d
Pittsfield Motor Sales 152.2e
South Main Street: Summer 152.3a
South Main Street: Winter 152.3b
Manson Park School152.4a
Vickery School - 1958 152.4b
Lancey Street School - Lunch Program 152.4c
North Lancey Street School -
Converted to Lower Grades 1958 152.4d
Looking South from Hartland Ave,
Where 95 Crosses152.5a
Former Presidents of Kiwanis, 25th Anniversary 152.5b
Sebasticook Valley Hospital 152.6a
Chandler Nursing Home 152.6b
Hunnewell Bridge, New 152.6c
Pinnacle Ski Slope and Ice Rink 152.7a
St. Agnes Rectory - Recreation Center -
Parking Area 152.7b
Marie Bradford School152.7c
Ken, Buddy, and Chuck Cianchette 152.8a
Cianchette Brothers, Inc. - Offices and Shops 152.8b
Cianchette Brothers, Stables 166.1a
Cianchette Brothers, One-Half Mile
Track and Stables -166.1b
MCI West Campus 166.2a
Harry W. Rowe - President MCI Trustees 166.2b
MCI - Between Classes 166.3
Maine Fence Company, Don Bishop, Owner 166.4a
Maine Fence Company 166.4b
State Highway Garage - Spring Road 166.5a
American Legion Home, former Methodist
Church, Waverly Ave. 166.5b
Fish and Game Club 166.5c
C. M. Almy and Sons, Inc., Ryan Fendler, Mgr 166.6a
Gerald Fitts166.6b
Dean John Shields, MCI Headmaster
Edward Stanley 166.6c
Norm Lyons, Western Auto Associate 166.7a
Pittsfield Advertiser, Editor Mitchell -
Yola Sanborn 166.7b
LaForest Wright 166.7c
Pittsfield Woolen Yarns: Neal and Clifford Wright166.7d
The Embers, David Mercier, Manager and Chef 166.7e
The Embers 166.7f
Humphrey's Drug Store: Don Makes a Sale 166.8a
Hersey Hardware: Hugh Hersey explains 166.8b
Pittsfield Motor Sales: Harry 166.8c
Bud's Supermarket: Bud greets a customer 166.8d
First National bank, Dick Austen, Cashier166.8e
Pittsfield Municipal Airport,
Charles Andrews, Mgr. 166.9a
New Furniture Exchange 166.9b
State Liquor Store and Post Office 166.9c
Post Office 172
George Newhouse, owner of Newhouse
Poultry Farm - First Pres. of Jr. Chamber
of Commerce 166.10a
Wright's Racing Stables: Luke, Grace, and
Buddy Wright 166.10b
Lehr-Hammond Insurance Agency:
Willard Lehr and Burton Hammond166.10c
Pittsfield and Route 95 (map)192

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