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Welcome to the
Pittsfield Historical Society's
History of Pittsfield

Pittsfield on the Sebasticook

by Sanger Mills Cook
originally published in 1966
now in eBook form




The town of Pittsfield is justly proud of her military record. From the early Revolutionary days to the late skirmish with Spain, some of the citizens have had part, and their services reflect honor upon themselves and the town. The Revolutionary soldiers, of course, were her early settlers, but not residing here at the time of enlistment. We have, in the following, compiled a list of Pittsfield's military men.

According to the roll of honor of the G. A. R., the Soldiers of the Revolution, who afterwards settled in Pittsfield, were Richard Hackett and Joseph Pratt.

Soldiers of the war of 1812, who settled here after the war, were Benjamin Adams, Samuel Bennett, Rufus Blaisdell, Ebenezer Burton, Samuel Call, William Carr, Abial Cobb, Captain John Dingley, John Drew, Jedediah Fowler, Joseph Foster, Daniel Gordon, Joseph Jack, Calvin Jewett, Samuel Kenney, Silas Mahoney, Robert McCauslin, Captain David Pushor, Abram Pushor, Phillip Powers, James H. Reynolds, Enoch Rogers, Isaac Southard, David Taylor, William Trask, Isaac Weeks, Joshua Weeks, Josiah Jacobs, Asa Witham, James Willis, John Webb.

Soldiers of the Rebellion, whose names are on the Stephen Davis Post, Number 11, roll of honor, were William G. Barnes, Major John O. Brackett, Roscoe G. Brackett, George Burns, Joseph M. Burse, Charles B. Cargill, Fred A. Chase, Albert R. Clark, Daniel Cobb, Nathan Cole, Frank B. Coffin, Thomas Cookson, Robert Cramp, Norris A. Davis, Thomas F. Davis, Myrick Hagerty, Sergeant William S. Howe, A. J. Harding, Barney Hoxie, William H. Hoxie, George Henderson, Joseph Jackson, Calvin L. Jewett, Frank B. Johnson, Henry W. Johnson, Lorin Josselyn, Roscoe M. Leavitt, Cyrus Leighton, Madison Libby, Ethan E. Maxwell, Sergeant John C. Manson, Abner McCauslin, Eugene Millet, Augustus Mills, Charles F. Morrill, Louis P. Morrill, Stephen H. Mosher, Thompson Neal, Seth Noble, William Parks, Benjamin F. Patten, Robert Peasley, Alverdo N. Phillips, Joseph M. Phillips, Roscoe M. Phillips, Thomas Phinney, Enoch A. Rogers, Captain C. H. Sawyer, John Scribner, Leonard C. Small, Elijah A. Small, Daniel Spaulding, John H. Spaulding, Levi B. Speed, Z. D. Stephens, Amos N. Smiley,


Vergil D. Sweetland, Ebenezer Thompson, John C. Thompson, James Towne, Russell S. Tucker, Joseph P. Tuttle, Timothy Weymouth, Charles H. Welch, Major Albion Whitten, Otis Willey, Asa Witham, Jr., Ezra Withee, Josiah Woodbury.

Residents of Pittsfield who served in the war of 1861, who were members of the Stephen Davis Post, Number 11, were Stephen D. Bickford, Charles Chase, Enoch Carr, Charles W. Clifford, Richard W. Daniels, Abel Davis, Benjamin Fairbrother, John M. Foster, John H. Gilman, Gilman S. Gould, D. B. Gerald, Orin S. Haskell, Preston Hersey, Henry Judkins, Alonzo Libby, R. F. Lancaster, Morey Mulliken, Colonel W. G. Morrill, Arthur Neal, Jacob M. Patten, George W. Patten, E. L. Plummer, H. H. Powers, Albert L. Sylvester, Andrew J. Southard, William M. Somers, Silas F. Sprague, George W. Varney, Moses H. Witham, John Weymouth, Frank J. White, A. H. Webendorfer, Albert Willey, A. W. Webb, Ezra K. Wingate.

Other soldiers of 1861 in town were Daniel Goodwin, Horatio Libby Pennell, William H. White, Samuel H. Wood.

The following enlisted and went to Cuba where they were on duty during the Spanish war: Ralph Davis, Frank B. Farmer, LaForest O. Graves, Joseph Gurney, Albert Merrow, Bert Ryan, Allie Thomas, Harry Finson, Albert L. Wright.

The following went to Chicamauga: Harold Sinclair, Bert Priest, Neal Warren, William Surman, Elray Thompson.

Several others enlisted but did not go beyond Augusta.

The above is taken from the Pittsfield Register 1904 by Mitchell & DaggettPages 14, 15 and 16.


Men in the service of our country from Pittsfield in World War I as printed in The Pittsfield Advertiser, Jan. 2, 1919:

Badger, J. Lynwood, U. S. S. C. No. 95, care P. M., N. Y.

Bartley, J. Andrew, Co. H 42nd Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.

Brackett, Harry E., Co. C. 212 Field Signal Batt'n, Camp Devens, Mass.

Beaudoin, Elias F., Co. B. 73rd Inf. 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.

Berry, Leslie E., Battery E. 7th U. S. F. A. A. E. F.

Berry, Frank W., 615 Aero Squadron, Aviation Camp, Americus, Ga.

Bickford, Geo. A., Corpl. Battery B 303rd F. A. A. E. F.

Bickford, Vernon C., Gunners Mate, 3rd Class U.S.S.Israel, Care P. M., N. Y.

Bogan, Joseph H., Co. B, 73rd Inf., 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.


Boyd, J. Lannis, Wagoner Supply Company, 103rd Inf., 52nd Brig. 26th Div. A. E. F.

Brown, Roland E., U. S. S. "America", Care P. M., N. Y.

+Burse, W. Morrill, 26th Training Battery, F. A., CO T. S.

Burton, Carrol E., U. S. S. "Birmingham", Care P. M., N. Y.

+Bussell, Linwood C., Co. D S. A. T. C. U. of M.

Cameron, Edward L., U. S. S. "New York", Care P. M., N. Y.

Cianchette, Pierino, Corp. 648 Aero Squadron, Signal Corps, A.E.F.

Chapman, Irwin J., U. S. Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla.

Chase, Chester B., Battery C, 63rd F. A., Camp Jackson, S. C.

Clark, Harvey D., 7th Regt., T. C. Pelham Bay, N. Y.

Clark, Lewis W., 43rd R. R. Art. C. A. C., A. E. F.

Clark, David L., Bat. A 29th Co., C. A. C., Fort Preble, Me.

Clay, Carrol M., Sergt., Supply Co., 103rd Inf., 26th Div., A. E. F.

*Cole, Henry M., Co. B, 1st Development Batt'n, died Nov. 12, 1918.

Collamore, Verne V., Field Hospital No. 248, 12th Sanitary Train, 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.

Craig, Russell A., Sergt., Co. B. 301st Batt'n, American Tank Corps, British Ex. Forces.

+Crossman, Andrew W., 832nd Aero Squadron.

+Damon, Horace B., Co. G, 2nd Batt'n.

Dearborn, Lewis A., Bugler, M.G.Co., 103rd F.A. 52nd Brig., 26th Div. A.E.F.

Dickey, Raymond, U. S. S. "Virginia", Care P. M., N. Y.

Dobson, William G., 69th Balloon Co., A. P. O. 705, A. E. F.

Dobson, John S., Battery A. 302nd F. A. A. E. F.

Dunton, Arthur C., Corpl., Battery B., 303rd F. A. A. E. F.

+Fairbanks, Wm. L., 3d Co., 1st Batt'n. Inf. C. O. T. S.

Fayle, Everett C., U. S. Army, Debarkation Hospital, Staten Island, N. Y.

Foster, Michael, Supply Co., 1st Army Hdqrs., Regt. A. E. F. A. P. O. 706.

Foster, Lindsay, Hdqrs. Co., 51st Artillery, C. A. C., A. E. F.

Getchell, Warren D., Corpl. 4th Co., 3rd Regt. Motor Mechanics, Air Service, A. P. O. 713 A. E. F.

+Goodrich, Leland M., Training Battery, H. A. C. O. T. S.

Gourley, Roland, U. S. S. "Minnesota", A­4. Care P. M., N. Y.

Hackett, Allen P., Corpl., 1st Balloon Co., 1st Balloon Wing, A. E. F.

Hackett, Ernest L., 2nd Lieut. U.S.A., Batten­F. 307th F.A., A.P.O. 718 A.E.F.

Hamilton, Gay E., Co. A, 103rd Inf., 52nd Brig. 26th Div. A.E.F.

Harper, William E., Co. M. 74th Inf., Camp Devens, Mass.

Haseltine, Frank A., Band Corporal, 103rd Inf. 52nd Brig. 26th Div. A. E. F.


Haseltine, Walter T., Musician, Co. B 301st Ammunition Train, 76th Div., A. E. F.

+Healey, Harold S., 5th Co., 2d Battery, 152d Depot Brig.

Higgins, Leon A., Battery B., 303rd F. A., A. E. F.

Higgins, Ivory E., Co. B, 301st Engineers, A. P. O. 773, A. E. F.

Horton, William H., Co. L., 74th Inf., 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.

Hunt, Harry W., Wagon Co., 101st Q. M. C., A. P. O. 712, A.E.F.

Huntley, Elmer C., Base Hospital No. 4001, Camp Devens, Mass.

Hurd, William R., Corporal, Railroad Transportation Corps, care R. T. O. Saincaize (Nievre) France, A. E. F.

Hurd, Everett S., 2nd Lieut., 7th Engineers Training Regt., Camp A. A. Humphrey, Va.

+Hurd, Mark A., Co. B. S. A. T. C., U. of M.

Kenney, Floriman J., Medical Dept., 4th Div. Trench Mortar Battery, A. E. F.

Lanpher, Wm. H., Bat. C., 301st F.A. 76th Div. A. E. F.

Leathers, Alton E., U. S. S. Zeeslandia, care P. M., N. Y.

Lewis, Cecil E., Musician, Machine Gun Co., 104th Infantry, 52nd Brigade, 26th Division, A. E. F.

Libby, Carl L., Sergt., Co. H, 56th Pioneer Inf., A. E. F.

Luce, Earl, U. S. S. "Wyoming", care P. M., N. Y.

Lurvey, Lynwood H., U. S. S. "Delaware", care P. M., N. Y.

Manock, Frank D., Lieut. Commander, U. S. N., Care P. M., N. Y.

Massier, Joseph, Co. C., 1st Army Hdqrs. Reg. A. E. F.

Maxfield, Stacy, Co. A., 34th M. G. Battn, Camp Devens, Mass.

+McAllister, Hugh W., Co. D. S. A. T. C., U. of M.

+McCausland, F. LaForest, Corp., 30th Co., C. O. T. S.

Merrill, Arthur S., Capt. Q. M. Training Division, Camp Jos. E. Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla.

Merrill, Erving R., Co. C., 120th M. G. Battn, A. E. F.

Monahan, Francis W., Corpl., Co. E. 103rd Inf., 52nd Brig., 26th Div., A.E.F.

Morrill, Wainwight C., U. S. S. St. Louis, care P. M., N. Y.

Morrison, Robert W., Corpl., 25th Casual Co., Aviation Section, Signal Corps, North Vancouver Barracks, Wash.

Newhouse, Horace G., Corpl., Co. G., 5th E. T. R., Camp Humphreys, Accotink, Va.

Nutter, George C., U. S. S. New York, care P. M., N. Y.

Palumbo, Herbert V., Co. C., 302nd Inf., 151st Brigade, 76th Div. A.P.O. 773, A. E. F.

Peasley, Earl M., Co. H., 38th U. S. Inf., U. S. Base Hospital No. 15, A.P.O. 706, A. E. F.

Pelley, Edward A., Battery B, 29th Art., Fort Williams. Maine

Powell, Guy O., Corpl., Battery B., 3rd U. S. F. A., APO 704, AEF


Prescott, Halvor E., Co. B, 321st M. G. Battn, AEF.

Ragon, Albert S., Corpl., Co. C, 5th Ammunition Train AEF.

Ramsey, Embert A., Battery C, 303rd FAAEF

Reilley, Herbert E., Co. L., 42nd Inf., Camp Upton, N. Y.

Reynolds, Everett L., U. S. S. Erickson, care P. M., N. Y.

Rines, Clarence E., Co. M., 74th Inf., 12th Div., Camp Devens, Mass.

Rudman, Alfred W., Co. C., 14th Ry. Engineers, AEF.

+Shaw, Guy F., Co. B., S. A. T. C., U. of M.

+Shepard, Ray A., Co. Z., 6th Development Batt'n. Small, William E., National Merchant Marine, U.S.S. Gov. Cobb, E. Boston, Mass.

Small, Millard L., M.P. Detachment, 1st A.C. Replacement Battn, AEF.

Smith, Hugh A., Hdqrs. Co., 301st F. A. 76 Div. AEF.

*Smith, Harold E., Co. C., 302d Inf. Died Oct. 14, 1918, AEF. Smith, Robert, Musician, Hdqrs., 42nd Inf., Camp Upton, N. Y.

Smith, Lewie L., Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Mass.

Staples, George C., 48th Co., 12th Battn, Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Mass.

Sturtevant, Lewis C., 17th Co. Central Office Training School, Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga.

Stevens, George V., Coxswain Armed Guard, St. Helena Training Station, Norfolk, Va.

Stevens, Van M., Sergt., Replacement Div., Artillery School, F. A.

Saumer, AEF. Southard, Lionel F., Pharmacists Mate, second class, S.S. Paducah, care P. M., N. Y.

Tarbell, Earle N., 2nd Lieut., F. A., USA, Hdqrs 1st Battn, 67th Art. (C.A.C.) APO 728 AEF.

Taylor, Harold M., Supply Co., 74th Inf., 12th Division, Camp Devens, Mass.

Taylor, Norman S., U. S. S. Mississippi, 4th Div., care P. M., N.Y.

Thompson, Guy E., Battery C., 303rd F. A., AEF.

Vining, Delbert L., Farrier Veterinary Field Unit No. 3, Co. E., 2d US Ammunition Train, APO 710, AEF

*Vining, Otis M., Troop D., 2nd Regt., US Cav. Died Aug 4, 1917.

+Walker, Vernon L., Battery B., 33rd Art., Camp Eustis, Va.

Wentworth, Maitland S., Musician, Hdqrs. Co., 12th Regt., USFA, AEF.

Wentworth, Walter R., USS "Pennsylvania", care P. M., N. Y.

White, Scott C., Sergt., 3rd Co., 4th Regt., Motor Mechanics, AEF.

White, Vernon L., Battery E., 33d Arty (CAC) Camp Eustis, Va.

Whitten, George R., Base Hospital, Barracks No. 4, Camp Devens, Mass.


Withee, John N., USS Pennsylvania, care P. M., N. Y.

Wright, Harry J., Co. C., 301st Ammunition Train, APO 773, AEF.

* Deceased

+ Honorably Discharged




Following is the honor roll of men and women from Pittsfield who were serving with the United States Armed Forces as printed in The Pittsfield Advertiser, July 29, 1943:

Pvt. John H. Ames

2nd Lt. Carl Alexander*

Major R. M. Alexander

Cpl. Harry C. Alward

Lt. Laurence E. Anctil

Richard E. Bagley, M. M. 2/C

Pfc. Thomas E. Bagley

Pvt. Eugene M. Bradbury

Pvt. Roland Bickford

A/C Edward Buckley

Cpl. Ronello Brown

Herschel Basford

Lt. Albert Bailey

Pvt. Edward Bogan

Charles Baker, A. S.

Cpl. Lloyd Braley

Pvt. Harlan Braley

Cpl. Manley Bean

Pfc. Richard Berry

Pfc. Earl Brill

Pvt. Lawrence M, Brooks

Cpl. Leland Body

Pvt. Oscar Booth

Cpl. V. V. Bayers

Pvt. Robert Boston

Lt. Dorothea Bowers, A. N. C.

A/C Vesper Boynton

Sgt. Elmer Boynton

Robert Brown

Pvt. Frederick T. Bragg

Cpl. George T. Bryant

Cpl. Harry Bradbury

Pvt. Lloyd C. Burgess

Pvt. Raymond Burgess

Cpl. Edward Butler

Wallace Coates, S 2/C

Pfc. Milton Cass

Pvt. Lewis Carr

Pvt. Fred Chadbourne

Pvt. Norris L. Cianchette

Pvt. Clair L. Cianchette

Pvt. Kenneth Cianchette

Pvt. Dominick R. Cianchette

Cecil Coomb, S 2/C

Cpl. H. C. Cummings

Pfc. Galen Cookson*

Sgt. Norman Cookson

Cpl. Philip Cookson

Lt. William S. Coffin

Cpl. Willard Caler

Cpl. Norman Coates

Pvt. Napoleon J. Charity

Pfc. James M. Connors

Pvt. Charles R. Connors

Nicholas Craig, A. M. M.

Sherman Crockett, S. 2/C

Pvt. Donald V. Cole

Lt. Mary Cowan A. N. C.

Pvt. Harold W. Crocker

T/5 Herman J. Cowan

Pvt. Clayton Curtis

S/Sgt. James B. Daily

Lt. Frank Davis

Pfc. Moses Davis

Pfc. Ralph Davis

Pvt. Donald Deering

Pfc. Clyde Dickey, U. S. M. C.

Sgt. Alfred Dobson


Pvt. Robert Dunton

Pvt. Russell Dunlap

Pvt. Darrell Dunton

Pvt. Stephen A. Dunton

Sgt. Clayton Doncet

Cpl. Willard Doncet*

Pvt. Elliot G. Davis

Cpl. Arthur Dunton

Pfc. Albion W. Dunton

Sgt. G. M. Doore

Cpl. Clifford Doherty

Pvt. Kenneth Emery

A/C Carl A. Estes

A/C Niman Elias

Sherman M. Elkins, A. S.

Cpl. Ernest Q. Emery, Jr.

Cpl. Earle Fernald*

Pvt. Leo Folsom

Pvt. Sanford Foster

Pvt. Florindo Frederick

Pvt. Benjamin Fairbrother

A/C William J. Frederick

Pvt. Earle Friend, Jr.

G. O. Frost, R. T. 2/C

Pvt. John Frederick

Pvt. Arthur Fuller

Pvt. Desmon Fuller

Pfc. Norman W. Frost

Frederick Folsom, SOM 2/C

Pvt. Edward Gatchell (Cooley)

Major Percy Gleason

Pvt. Russell Gardner

Lauris Gould, A/S

Cpl. Leopold S. Gifford

Pvt. Eugene Gilbert

Pvt. Ernest Giovannucci

Newell R. Goodridge, A/C

Pvt. John Gould

Pvt. Roland Gourley

Cpl. Daniel R. Getchell

Pvt. Lester Goodridge

Cpl. Earle A. Gordon

T/Sgt. Harry Kenton Gould

Cpl. Ralph Gould

Pvt. Arthur Grignon, Jr.

Sgt. Warren Gray

Pvt. Earl Grover

Pvt. Frank T. Haseltine

Burton G. Hammond, H. A. 1/C

Pvt. John A. Hamlin

Pvt. Thomas Hicks

Jefferson C. Humphrey, Jr., M 2/C

Frank Hesdorfer, Jr., S 2/C

Clayton Hamilton, Ph. M. 3/C

Cpl. George Higgins

Pvt. Charles E. Hodgkins, Jr.

Lt. Vincent Hathorn

Sgt. William Hanson

Pvt. Arthur Hebert

Paul Hersey, Chief A. P.

Sgt. Ralph Hersey

Pvt. Carlton Higgins

Ewart Hodgkins, H. A. 2/C

S/Sgt. Everett Hopkins

Lieut. Kenneth D. Hamilton

Pfc. Philip Huff

Sgt. Marvin Huff

Sgt. Vincent Havey

Frank Hesdorfer, CMM USN

Lt. Laurel W. Hersey

Lieut. Arthur Hamilton

T/5 Clarence A. Hamilton

Gordon Hollis, A. S.

Pvt. Charles Huff

Pvt. Manford S. Hughes

Pvt. Sheldon L. Hughes

Janet Humphrey, Spar

Pfc. Ernest Inman

Cpl. Tech. Leland Inman

Pvt. Charles Inman

Pvt. Floyd James

Pvt. Robert Jones

Pvt. Carl Justine

Pvt. James Kennedy

Cpl. Malcolm N. Kenniston

Pvt. Willard Killam

Sgt. Merton E. Lary

Pfc. Sherburn Lary

Pfc. David C. Libbey

Cpl. Francis G. Lillie

Pfc. Harry F. Luce

Ens. Norman Lyon

Pfc. Robert C. Lyon

Col. Roy Lindquist


Pvt. Rofaen R. Lishon

M/Sgt. Martin L. Livingston

T/Cpl. Ray A. Libby

Cpl. Alfred F. Louder

Pvt. Merton E. Lary

Lt. Percy L. Lee

Pfc. Vernon Lee*

Cpl. Ellis K. Lee

Pvt. Donald Littlefield

Sgt. Percy L. Latimer

Cpl. Robert C. Lyon

Pvt. William M. Martin

Lt. Carol Mitchell

Pvt. Clifford L. Merrithew*

Pvt. Robert Merrithew

Cpl. John E. Martin

T/Sgt. Robert Maynard

T/Sgt. Russell Martin

Pvt. Albert McMichael

A/C Thornton Moore

Cpl. Benjamin S. Mathews

Sgt. Harris Mathews, Jr.

Cpl. Howard Madore

Cpl. Russell Madore

Pvt. Chester Madore

Pvt. Leon T. Millett

Ralph Mills, A. S.

Albert McNally, A. S.

Anna McNeil, W. A. A. C.

Margaret McNeil, W. A. A. C.

Lt. E. Carolyn McNeil, A. N. C.

Lt. Mildred McCausland, A. N. C.

Pfc. Leroy MacArthur

Pvt. Frank McFarland

Cpl. Donald W. McPherson

Cpl. Paul Morrell

Pfc. William Norton

Pfc. John H. Nelson

Pvt. Raymond M. Norton

Pfc. Myles O'Reilly, Jr.

Pvt. Frederick E. Oliver

T/Sgt. Leonard Oliver

Pvt. Noah Patton

Pvt. Linwood Patten

Harold Dustin Page

A. C. Waldo M. Page

Pvt. Cecil Penney

Pvt. Burham Linwood Perry

S/Sgt. John Plummer

Basil L. Poulin

Pvt. Adrian Poulin

Pvt. Harold Priest

Pvt. Martelle Quint

George A. Roundy, Jr., S 1/C

Sgt. John W. Plummer

Pvt. Arnold Ramsdell

Cpl. Harold C. Ramsdell

Tech. Sgt. Arthur Roberts

Pvt. Beverly Robinson

S/Sgt. Justin S. Robinson

Pvt. Philip Reynolds

S/Sgt. Roland E. Reilly

Pvt. Donald M. Rice

Glen A. Rich

Elton M. Rich

Pvt. Forrest Stanley Rines

Sgt. Harlan Rogers

Pvt. Norman Rogers

Fred Russell, Jr.

Pfc. Harold Sanborn

Cpl. Roy L. Simpson, Jr.

Charles M. Simpson, S 2/C

Pvt. Linwood Sinclair

Douglas Stafford, H. A. 2/C

Pvt. Robert Small

Pvt. Virgil W. Small

Pfc. George Small

Bernard C. Stubbs, Jr.

Cpl. Dan Stevens

Ruth Shuman, SK 3/C

Ens. Roosevelt Susi

Sgt. Robert Smith

Lt. Lloyd H. Stitham

M/Sgt. Fred Stafford

Cpl. Herschel Sinclair

Pvt. Carlton Starbird

Cpl. Edward Stanley

Pfc. Guy Sutherland

Pvt. George Small

Cpl. Elmer Sprague

Lt. Lawrence Stafford

Cpl. William Steen


Sgt. Donald Steeves

Pvt. Horace Starbird

Pvt. Donald Susi

Guy Susi, C. M. 2/C

Sgt. Lawrence Trainor

Pfc. Vernon Trowell

Lieut. Carlton Tilton

Cpl. Woodrow Thurlough

Pvt. Orville G. Towle

Pvt. Wendall H. Towle

Pvt. John Tucker

Cpl. Clifton Varnum

Cpl. George L. Varnum

Pfc. Kenneth H. Varnum

Pvt. Kenton L. Ward

Pvt. Arthur Weeman

Lt. (Jg) Frederick A. Waldron

A. S. Charles Wentworth

Sgt. Harvey Wilson

Pvt. Delancey L. Wescott

Pvt. John Wescott

T/Sgt. Henry D. Wendell

Pvt. Earle B. Wyman

Pvt. Lawrence Wood

* Died in Service

Pvt. Clifford Wright

Cpl. Robert Wilson

Cpl. Harold White

A/C George Webber

Pvt. Gilbert M. Webber

Ellis C. Whitman S 2/C

Cpl. Merrill Wright

Pfc. Vernon Walker

LeRoy W. White

Edward E. White, C. F. C.

Pvt. Frederick A. Welch

Pvt. Lawrence Welch

Robert P. Welch S 2/C

Pfc. Harold E. Wilber

Pfc. Don Wiles

Pfc. Bernard Wiles

Pvt. Laurel White

M/Sgt. Leland White

Ralph Wright, A. S.

Pvt. Donald Wyman

Ralph Wright S/2

Pvt. Robert W. Wright

Pvt. Perley York

Pvt. George Young

This list of World War II Veterans has been supplemented by

former Marine Harry Friend who supplied the following names:

Virginia Almonte

Roland Frederick

Carleton Bickford

Harry Friend

Wilton Buckley

Lawrence Gamlin*

Freeman Buzzell*

Paul Hobbs

Carl Cianchette

Raymond Humphrey

Ival Cianchette

Jeanne Palmer

Frank Collomore

James Powell

Peter Connelly

Lloyd Smith*

Russell Craig

Wayne Susi

Norman Dickinson

* Died in Service

Note: Again it is pointed out that the above list of World War II Veterans is that printed in The Advertiser, July 29, 1943. It is, therefore, incomplete but seems to be the only one available.





1819 - Timothy Mclntire, John Brown, Stevens Kendall; 1820 - George Brown, T. Mclntire, John Webb; 1821 - George Brown, Thomas Fowler, Josiah Jacobs; 1822 - George Brown, David Pushor, Ephraim Higgins; 1823 - John Brown, John P. Myrick, David Runnels; 1824 - John F. Weymouth, George Brown, Jeremiah ? ? ? ; 1825 - J. F. Weymouth, George Brown, Barnabas P. Merrick; 1826 - J. F. Weymouth, George Brown, Barnabas P. Merrick; 1827 - J. F. Weymouth, George Brown, David Pushor; 1828 - J. F. Weymouth, James Leighton, David Pushor; 1829 - J. F. Weymouth, D. Pushor, William M. Carr; 1830 - William Lancey, Joseph Patten, Jr., Josiah Jacobs; 1831 - J. F. Weymouth, William Denning, William Lancey; 1832 - J. F. Weymouth, James Leighton, William Lancey; 1833 - Joseph Patten, Jr., Hiram Johnson, George Whitney; 1834 - George Whitney, Jacob Greely, Charles Farnham; 1835 - George Whitney, Charles Farnham, A. H. Lenfest; 1836 - George Whitney, Charles Farnham, A. H. Lenfest; 1837 - George Whitney, Robert Hunter, A. H. Lenfest; 1838 - Robert Hunter, A. H. Lenfest, John Whitney; 1839 - Robert Hunter, Page Atwell, John Whitney; 1840 - Robert Hunter, J. F. Weymouth, Benjamin Adams; 1841 - George Whitney, J. F. Weymouth, William C. Stinson; 1842 - Robert Hunter, John W. Patten, John Simons; 1843 - Robert Hunter, John W. Patten, David Martin; 1844 - J. W. Patten, George Whitney, David Martin; 1845 - Robert Hunter, J. W. Patten, William K. Lancey; 1846-48 - George Whitney, William K. Lancey, Nathan H. Getchell; 1849 - Robert Hunter, John W. Patten, Hiram B. Connor; 1850 - Robert Hunter, John W. Patten, Hiram B. Connor; 1851 - Robert Hunter, Bradford Blanchard, Hiram B. Connor; 1852 - George Whitney, W. K. Lancey, John W. Patten; 1853 - George Whitney, John W. Patten, Richard Jaques; 1854 - H. B. Connor, Richard Jaques, Arbo Powers; 1855 - W. K. Lancey, Arbo Powers, James R. Hunter; 1856 - W. K. Lancey, A. P. McMaster, Robert Hunter; 1857 - H. B. Connor, A. P. McMaster, Robert Hunter; 1858 - J. W. Patten, William H. Fowler, William Getchell; 1859 - J. W. Patten, William H. Fowler, Charles Farnham; 1860 - J. W. Patten, Charles Farnham, Russell Bennett; 1861 - V. F. Weymouth, George Whitney, Alonzo Patten; 1862 - A. P. Buker,


George Whitney, Alonzo Patten; 1863 - A. P. McMaster, H. B. Connor, S. Basford; 1864 - A. P. McMaster, H. B. Connor, Alonzo Patten; 1865 - George Whitney, Alonzo Patten, S. R. Taylor; 1866 - George Whitney, Alonzo Patten, S. R. Taylor; 1867 - Lewis Wyman, A. Patten, Ezra C. Town; 1868 - Obed Foss, Joseph Patten, Lorenzo Baxter; 1869 - Obed Foss, Joseph Patten, Lorenzo Baxter; 1870 - A. P. McMaster, Arbo Powers, Emery Whitten; 1871 - A. P. McMaster, Arbo Powers, Emery Whitten; 1872 - A. P. McMaster, Arbo Powers, Emery Whitten; 1873 - C. A. Farwell, Emery Whitten, C. H. Foster; 1874 C. A. Farwell, C. H. Foster, Ephraim Higgins; 1875 - C. A. Farwell, C. H. Foster, Ephraim Higgins; 1876A. P. McMaster, G. F. Fowler, Emery Whitten; 1877 - Charles H. Foster, Nelson Vickery, Warren Fulton; 1878 - A. Patten, George Hunter, Lorenzo Dyer; 1879 - A. Patten, George H. Hunter, C. H. Foster; 1880 - A. P. McMaster, C. H. Foster, C. A. Farwell; 1881 - A. P. McMaster, C. H. Foster, C. A. Farwell; 1882 - C. A. Farwell, Emery Whitten, J. P. Tuttle; 1883 - Levi Greenleaf, C. H. Foster, A. Patten; 1884 - Alonzo Patten, Charles H. Foster, E. C. Bryant; 1885A. Patten, William Dyer, H. S. Nickerson; 1886 - A. Patten, C. E. Vickery, Frank Weeks; 1887 - C. E. Vickery, Frank Weeks, James Knight; 1888 - Frank Weeks, Oramel Murray, B. S. Mathews; 1889 - Frank Weeks, Oramel Murray, W. G. Morrill; 1890 - Frank Weeks, Oramel Murray, F. O. Ellingwood; 1891 - Frank Weeks, Oramel Murray, Alonzo Patten; 1892 - Frank Weeks, William R. Hunnewell, Alonzo Patten; 1893 - Alonzo Patten, Abel Davis, C. C. Weeks; 1894 - Oramel Murray, E. M. Dolloff, C. C. Weeks; 1895 - Frank Weeks, E. M. Dolloff, J. D. M. Foster; 1896 - C. C. Weeks, Orin S. Haskell, J. D. M. Foster; 1897 - C. C. Weeks, O. S. Haskell, J. D. M. Foster; 1898 - John Coffin, J. D. M. Foster, George W. Patten; 1899 - John H. Coffin, J. D. M. Foster, George W. Patten; 1900 - C. E. Vickery, C. C. Weeks, E. E. Johnson; 1901 - C. E. Vickery, C. C. Weeks, E. E. Johnson; 1902 - C. E. Vickery, J. D. M. Foster, C. E. Frost; 1903 - Frank Weeks, J. D. M. Foster, A. H. Drake; 1904Frank Weeks, J. D. M. Foster, A. H. Drake; 1905 - Frank Weeks, S. H. Frost, E. D. Call; 1906-09 - Wm. Osborn, S. H. Frost, E. F. Pennell; 1910 - S. H. Frost, E. F. Pennell, Chas. F. Seekins; 1911 - E. F. Pennell, Chas. F. Seekins, H. H. Jacobs.


Also, S. H. Frost, 1911-14; C. F. Seekins, 1911-14; E. F. Pennell, 1911-13 and 1916-18; H. H. Jacobs, 1912-15 and 1932-34; W. M. Osborn, 1914-21; C. C. Weeks, 1914-17; F. E. Mayo, 1915-17; E. E. Taylor, 1916-20; W. L. Pushor, 1917-18; R. L. Varnum, 1918-20; H. W. Stitham, 1919-22; O. H. Drake, 1920-22; A. W. Littlefield, 1920-21; E. E. Johnson, 1921-30; C. R. Ames, 1921-24 and 1935-46; H. H. Thurlough, 1922-32; C. E. Vickery, 1924-28; Harris Mathews, Sr.; 1928-34 and 1957-60; George W. Kimball, 1931-32; Harry J. Wright, 1932-55; W. L. Frost, 1934-35; Russell Craig, 1934-35; Clyde E. Martin, 1935-47; Charles Maxim, 1937-38; Frank W. Fuller, 1938-44; A. L. Oliver, 1938-39; Lena E. Marsh, 1939-44; Ralph Baxter, 1944-47; Rae E. Butler, 1944-56; Howard L. Fernald, 1946-52 and 1956-59; Harry L. Dunton, 1947-50 and 1956-57; Benjamin H. Adams, 1947-49 and 1950-54; Howard Penney, 1948-50; Merton C. Larrabee, 1949-51 and 1954-56; Carl E. Cianchette, 1950-55; Lloyd H. Stitham, 1951-56; W. Henry Staples, 1955-58; J. Arthur Grondin, 1955-60; George A. Moore, 1956-58; Robert S. Beattie, 1957-62; Kenneth L. Cianchette, 1958-61; Sumner A. Jones, Jr., 1959-65; Gerald R. Fitts, 1960-63; Frank T. Haseltine, 1960-64; Harold K. Sanborn, 1961-65; Norbert W. Young, 1962-65; Carl N. Rollins, 1963-65; and Paul E. Susi, Jr., 1963-64.


Stevens Kendall, 1819-20; Josiah Jacobs, 1821-22; Jesse Connor, 1823; John F. Weymouth, 1824-29; Wm. Lancey, 1830; John F. Weymouth, 1831-34; Jacob Greely, 1835-38; Josiah Farwell, 1839-41; Wm. K. Lancey, 1842; Josiah Farwell, 1843; Wm. C. Stinson, 1844; Wm. K. Lancey, 1845-50; Henry W. Lancey, 1851-56; J. C. Manson, 1857; E. Drew, 1858; A. D. Mitchell, 1859-60; Lewis Curtis, 1861-63; F. D. Jenkins, 1864-66; A. S. Haskell, 1854-68; A. D. Mitchell, 1869; F. D. Jenkins, 1870; A. L. Gerrish, 1871-75; A. D. Mitchell, 1876-92; C. B. Haskell, 1893-97; T. E. Getchell, 1898-1904; T. A. Anderson, 1905-06; T. E. Getchell, 1906-30; and Inez K. Severance, 1931-65.


John Webb, 1819-27; Ephraim Higgins, 1828-29; Wm. Lancey, 1830; Daniel McMester, 1831-32; Ruel W. Lawson, 1833-34;


Benjamin Adams, 1835-37; Jacob Breely, 1838; J. Farwell, 1839-40; Robert Hunter, 1841; Wm. C. Stinson, 1842; J. Farwell, 1843; Geo. Whitney, 1844-49; Wm. Lancey, 1850-52; Geo. Whitney, 1853; H. W. Lancey, 1854-56; Wm. Lancey, 1857; D. L. Getchell, 1858-59; Obed Foss, 1860; H. B. Connor, 1861-62; Geo. Whitney, 1863-64; T. Dexter, Jr., 1865; Obed Foss, 1866; C. A. Farwell, 1867-68; F. D. Jenkins, 1869-71; T. S. Dexter, 1872; A. H. Cornforth, 1873; C. E. Vickery, 1874-75; T. S. Dexter, 1876-84; I. H. Lancey, 1885-88; N. L. Perkins, 1889-97; H. F. Libby, 1898-1931; T. F. Connor, 1932-46; William Waldron, 1947-49; and Alma F. Patten, 1950-65.


A. H.Burse, 1911-20; R. H. Badger, 1921-38, 1946-49 and 1953-54; A. K. Thorndike*, 1938-39; Charles R. Ames*, 1939-45; Frank Keezer*, 1950-53; Allen M. Marks*, 1954-56; O. Lionel Pom-roy*, June 1956-1959; Selden J. Martin*, 1960-63; Earl A. White*, 1963-64; and James E. Hannigan*, 1964-65.

* Denotes that the Town Manager was also the Superintendent of the Water Works.


Ray H. Badger, 1924-40; H. H. Davis, 1941-44; Harry E. Hanson, 1945-46; Winfield T. Roberts, 1947-48; Frank Jacobs, 1949-1958; and Wendell C. Bickford, Jr., 1959-65.

Note: David M. Parks organized the first volunteer fire fighting group and served as Chief for many years.


Dr. Merlon A. Webber, 1940-41; Roy U. Sinclair, 1942; Dr. Edmund Y. Harvey, 1943; Joseph S. Buker, 1944; William G. Springer, 1945; Lyle R. McCrillis, 1946; Harry R. Coolidge, 1947; Dr. Marshall Gerrie, 1948; Kilborn H. Merrill, 1949; Harry Anderson, 1950; Francis Saunders, 1951; Roosevelt Susi, 1952; Jack Baxter, 1953; John Furbush, 1954; Willard Lehr, Jr., 1955; Ford Grant, 1956;


Wayne Fernald, 1957; Henry Sanford, 1958; Adrien Hallee, 1959; Harry Friend, 1960; Richard Austin, 1961; Burton Hammond, 1962; Paul Gilmore, 1963; Lloyd Stitham, 1964; Fred Feldmann, 1965; Frank Homestead, 1966.



Population Polls Valuation


1495 326 $270,495


1813 429 518,515


1909 477 560,709


2505 625 880,134


2891 733 1,311,022


2891 955 1,570,571


2146 919 2,022,916


3075 840 2,442,653


3329 944 2,579,680


3898 936 2,427,573


4010 1149 2,628,290




On thee, my fair Sebasticook,

O how oft in dreams I look!

Like a picture rare and bright,

Thou art ever welcome to my sight.


Yet, unbidden start the tears,

Even after many years,

When each cherished spot I see,

Still so fair, so dear to me.


On the bridge again I stand

In the summer twilight bland,

While the lengthening shadows deep,

Like spectres o're the waters creep.


A mimic lakelet, clear and fair,

Sleeps in quiet beauty there,

The moving tide awhile delayed

By granite wall and palisade.


The downward rushing, rainbowed spanned,

Making music deep and grand,

Whirling, foaming, eddying by

Wheels and looms go merrily.


On thy face the tall church spire

Leaves the sunset's kiss of fire;

And, at morn, the sunlight sweet

Glides across with noiseless feet.


Free at last from all restraint,

Ceasing now thy dolorous plaint,

Winding, hurrying on again

From the busy haunts of men.


Over rocky shallows gliding.

Or 'neath woodland shadows hiding,

Singing, dancing here and there,

In silver-crested ripples fair;


Round the hill where rest our dead,

Passing now with muffled tread;

Nevermore our dear ones waking,

Never their long slumber breaking;


Onward, onward, loitering never,

This thy watchword now and ever,

Till thy varied tasks are done,

And the brighter goal is won.


We will this grand lesson learn,

For, we, too, may not return,

We will do what good we may

While we pass along our way.


We can ne'er our steps retrace,

Or our thoughtless deeds efface:

Right or wrong, false or true,

Our record is whate'er we do.


Mrs. Helen N. Jenkins, born Helen N. Jerrard in 1836 in Plymouth, married Frank D. Jenkins in 1858. Mr. Jenkins was for many years a successful merchant in Pittsfield. There were eight children born to the couple.


Although her family always came first in her active and self-sacrificing life, she found time to write beautiful and touching poems. Sebasticook is one of many included in her book published in 1887.


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