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A. J. Loder's booklet "Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME".

"Press of H. Mathews Printing Co., Pittsfield Maine
Published in the Interest of Pittsfield Maine, 1907"

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This web page consists of two one-page images, so they appear side-by-side as they did in the original. However, to make viewing easier, page 2 has been rotated 90°. Page 3 is to its right.

Each image has been sized to print on regular letter-sized paper. To print one page, print each image separately. The original document was printed on 9½"x12" paper, and the original .png scans are approximately 34"x47" and range from 4MB to 9MB in size.

Credits: Tom Brown for scanning the document. Thanks to Barbara and Leland Inman and David Patee for donating their copies of this document to the Historical Society. Tom Roberts, editor.
Version: 8-Mar-2005.