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1907 Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME
Milestones & Memories
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Pittsfield Historical Society's
History of Pittsfield

A. J. Loder's 1907 booklet
"Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME".

"Press of H. Mathews Printing Co., Pittsfield Maine
Published in the Interest of Pittsfield Maine, 1907"

The original scans of each page are available on the History of Pittsfield ORIGINAL SCANS DVD. Each page file is five to fifteen megabytes.
Table of Contents is at bottom of page.


Cover & Page 1

"History of the Town"
Also see "History of the Town" as a web page.

Page 2 & 3

Smith Woolen Mill; Riverside Woolen Mill

Page 4 & 5

Pittsfield National Bank, Pittsfield Coal Company

Page 6 & 7

Hunter, McMaster & Co.; Hunter & McMaster Co.

Page 8 & 9

Augustus Holz, US Post Office; Genevieve Gustin, MD

Page 10 & 11

Pittsfield Electric Co., International Stock Food Co; S.P. Humphrey Painter's Supplies

Page 12 & 13

Tilton House, Seekins & Bridgham; W.M. Farrington, Jeweler, E.V. Weymouth Tonsorial Artist

Page 14 & 15

Pittsfield Poultry Farm

Page 16 & 17

E.M. Martin Pianos Organs Talking Machines; The Seekins Photography Studio; Bion W. Russell, Methodist Episcopal Church, RR Depot.

Page 18 & 19

Dr. E.C. Bryant story; T.G. Lancey Co.

Page 20 & 21

A.U. Peckham, rubbers; Llewellyn Parks & Samuel Haines residences

Page 22 & 23

Charles Watts builder, Mathews Printing Co; A.U. Peckham shoes;

Page 24 & 25

A.P. McMaster residence and Grange Hall; Melvin Taylor's stud service

Page 26 & 27

A.J. Loder shoes; Riverside School, Lancey St. School

Page 28 & 29

N.J.Karam Waverley Gen'l Store; Waverly Woolen Mill

Page 30 & 31

W.E. Spear Watchmaker & Jeweler; Dr. M.L. Damon story

Page 32 & 33

Olin Tracey, Freewill Baptist Church, Lancey St; Otis J. Cook Pharmacist

Page 34 & 35

Frank W. Briggs house, Main Street looking South; Dr. F.J. Taylor story

Page 36 & 37

Libby's Pharmacy; R.H. Berry, William McGilvery's house

Page 38 & 39

MCI, MCI dormitory; MCI ad

Page 40 & 41

Edwin Albert Porter, M.D., Library; Hartland Ave. School, Amos J. Melvin, Irving Towle, R.J. Estes

Page 42 & 43

10 Reasons why your factory, Ten Reasons why you should live; Sebasticook Power Co.

Page 44 & 45

J.S. Haseltine; A.J. Loder Boots & Shoes, Lodor Block on Main Street

Page 46 & 47

Somerset County Creamery; Pittsfield Drug Store

Page 48 & 49

Post Office Interior, Pioneer Woolen Mill; A.J. Loder Rubbers

Page 50 & 51

W.L. Pushor residence, Archie L. White signs, George P. Hooper Tailoring; St. Agnes Church, Lancey House

Page 52 & 53

Frederick A. Taylor, Universalist Church; Northern Main Packing Co.

Page 54 & 55

A.J. Lodor's; Bryant & Co, O.E. Libby surveying

Page 56 & 57

Libby's Shoe Store; V.T. Lathbury residence, park Street

Page 58 & 59

S.M. Raymond Real Estate (two pages)

Page 60 & 61

Main Street business section, Kimball & Frost; Martin Farm, North Lancey Grammar, Public Library, A.H. Pushor

Page 62 & 63

R.W. Loder, A.J. Loder; E.J. Day, O.H. Drake, H.H. Thurlough

Page 64 & 65

H&M Flour House, T.G. Lancey residence; T.G. Lancey Co

Page 66 & 67

D. Lewis Allen Jewelry; Jenkins Clothing Co.

Souvenir of Pittsfield, ME: compiled by A. J. Loder, 1907.

Table of Contents

View section below as a PDF.

66Allen, D. Lewis, Jewelry, 61 Main Street
40Bagley, Enoch, residence, Railroad Street
37Berry, R. H., [chocolates]
34Briggs, Frank W., Residence, Main St
55Bryant & Company, Interior Finish Mills
18Bryant, Dr. E. C.
18Bryant, Dr. E. C., residence, Main Street
31Damon, Dr. M. L., residence, Main Street
31Damon, Dr. M. L. (dentist)
10"Dan Patch" (race horse)
17Depot (MCRR Passenger)
 5Dexter, Thomas C., Manager, Pittsfield Coal Company
 4Dobson, Gordon, Vice Pres., Pittsfield National Bank
63Drake, O. H., Fire Insurance, Main Street
63E. J. Day Millinery, 71 Main Street
41Estes, R. J., Tobacco, 73 Main Street
13Farrington, W. M., Jeweler, Main Street, opp. Libby's Pharmacy
52First Universalist Church, Main Street
32Freewill Baptist Church
25"George M" (race horse, D. M. Parks owner)
46Gilman, J. Natt, Treas. And Manager, Somerset County Creamery Company
53Goldmark, Adolph
53Goldmark, R. W.
53Goldmark, Theodore F.
40Gould, J., residence, Railroad Street
61Grammar School Building, North Lancey Street
24Grange Hall, Easy Street
 9Gustin, Genevieve, M. D.
21Haines, Samuel R., Residence, Main Street
41Hartland Avenue School House
44Haseltine, J. S,. Plumbing and Heating
44Haseltine, J. S.
 1History of the Town
 8Holz (Augustus) Bakery
50Hooper, George P., tailor
39Hull, Rev. J. J. [MCI Financial Agent]
11Humphrey, S. P., Wall Paper and Painter's Supplies
 6Hunter & McMaster Company [store]
 7Hunter & McMaster Company Grist Mill
 6Hunter, George H., Hunter & McMaster Company
64Hunter, McMaster & Co's Flour House, Park Street
10International Stock Food Farm, Savage, Minnesota
67Jenkins Clothing Company
28Karam, N. J., Prop., Waverley Gen'l Store
60Kimball & Frost Groceries, Grain, and Flour
19Lancey (T. G.) Company
65Lancey (T. G.) Company Hardware
51Lancey House Before the Fire, Main Street
27Lancey Street School House
32Lancey Street, Looking North
64Lancey's (T. G. ) Residence, Main Street
39Landman, F. U. (MCI Principal)
57Lathbury, Dr. V. T., Residence, corner Park and Hathorn Streets
40Libby, Arthur, residence, Railroad Street
 4Libby, H. F., Cashier, Pittsfield National Bank
55Libby, O. E., Surveying and Civil Engineering
36Libby's Pharmacy
56Libby's Shoe Store, L. L. Libby, Proprietor
26Loder (A. J.) Shoes
45Loder (A. J.) Boots and Shoes, Photographs, Florist, and Picture Framing
62Loder (A. J.) Photographs, Flowers
49Loder (A. J.) [rubbers]
45Loder, A. J.
45Loder Block, Central Street
54Loder's (A. J.) Rubber Goods
40MacFarlane, J. R., residence, Railroad Street
60Main Street, Business Section
34Main Street, Looking South
38Maine Central Institute, Main Street
39Maine Central Institute [advertisement]
 4Manson, J. W., Pres., Pittsfield National Bank
16Martin, E. M., Piano and Organ Tuning
61Martin Farm, the first framed house in Pittsfield
22Mathews, Harris V.
22Mathews Printing Company
 7Maxfield, John H., Hunter & McMaster Company
37McGilvery, William, Residence, Main Street
38MCI Dormitory, Bowden Street
 6McMaster (A. P.) , Hunter & McMaster Company
24McMaster, A. P., Residence, Main Street
41Melvin, Amos J., Blacksmith
17Methodist Episcopal Church, Manson Street
53Moses, C. T.
 8Murray, Oramel, Postmaster
 4National Bank Block, Main Street
53Northern Maine Packing Company
33Otis J. Cook Company, Pharmacists
57Park Street [looking west]
21Parks, Llewellyn, Residence, Main Street
20Peckham (A. U.) [Wales Goodyear Rubbers)]
23Peckham (A. U.) Shoes
48Pioneer Woolen Mill
 9Pittsfield, Birdseye View, Looking West
 5Pittsfield Coal Company's Coal Sheds
47Pittsfield Drug Store, Main Street, Interior View
10Pittsfield Electric Company's Plant, Saw Mill Street
15Pittsfield Poultry Farm [advertisement]
14Pittsfield Poultry Farm, Laying and Breeding House
14Pittsfield Poultry Farm, Brooder House and Incubator Cellar
61Pittsfield Public Library, corner Main and Railroad Streets
40Porter, Dr. E. A., residence, 14 Railroad Street
40Porter, Edwin Albert, M. D.
 8Post Office
48Post Office Interior
43Power Station, South View
43Power Sub Station, Lancey Street
40Public Library, Railroad Street
61Pushor (A. L.) Tonsorial Artist, Main Street
50Pushor, W. L., Residence, Park Street (Cashier of Pittsfield Trust Co.)
58Raymond (S. M.) Real Estate
58Raymond, S. M., Residence, West Street
59Rayond (S. M.) Real Estate and Employment Agency
27Riverside School House
 3Riverside Woolen Company
17Russell, Bion W., Pastor
51Saint Agnes Catholic Church, Detroit Avenue
43Sebasticook Power Company, Power Station
12Seekins & Bridgham Millinery
16Seekins Studio
 2Smith Woolen Company
46Somerset County Creamery Company, Lancey Street
30Spear, W. E., Jeweler
35Taylor, Dr. F. J., residence and office, Main Street
35Taylor, Dr. F. J.
52Taylor, Frederick A., Pastor
25Taylor, Melvin, [horse farm]
63Thurlough, H. H., Attorney, National Bank Block
39Thurston, Frank H., (MCI Assistant Principal)
12Tilton House, Park Street
41Towle, Irving, Contractor and Builder
32Tracy, Olin H., Pastor
13Union Hall, Park Street
22Watts, Charles Contractor & Builder
29Waverley, Birdseye View of
28Waverley Gen'l Store
29Waverley Woolen Mill
13Weymouth, E. V., Tonsorial Artist, Main Street
50White, Archie L., Painter, Paper Hanger, Sign Painter
42"Why you should live in the town of Pittsfield"
42"Why your factory should be in Pittsfield"

Credits: Tom Brown for scanning the document and for creating the Table of Contents. David Patee and Barbara and Leland Inman for donating their copies of the document to the Historical Society.

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In the interest of Pittsfield.
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